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Partner with us to maximize value

We understand that a great platform isn’t enough.  You need a strong partner that will help you grow your ebusiness in a cost effective and smart manner.  We’re here to act as an extension of your business, when and where needed, to ensure your success.  Send us your product data updates and we’ll have them to market in a fraction of the time and remove the hassle from your staff once and for all.

  • Cost Effective

    We jump in only when you need us. Our years of data management experience will get your data to market quickly and accurately.

  • Expertise

    We’ve managed and created data sets in a multitude of formats and industries for over 20 years.

  • Scalable

    Need to get to market quickly?  Our team is multi-threaded and can get maintenance tasks and projects out the door fast.

  • Efficient

    As the authors of the platform, we know how everything works.  We can reduce time to market and create additional value.

Data Concierge

We scale so you do not have to

A pragmatic business is a smart business.  Sometimes the talent needed to maintain and get new product data to market may be beyond the skill set of current staff – and adding staff to solve short-term problems is not always a wise option.  Not to worry, through common sense service level agreements designed for your specific needs we can fill talent gaps and knock out data management quickly and cost effectively.

  • Offload product data updates and burdensome maintenance tasks.
  • Create new digital assets, content and specifications.
  • Update third party integrations data subscribers.
  • Maintain and monitor industry standards and external application guides.
Data Onboarding & Maintenance

When time to market drives sales

As a brand owner, you undoubtedly introduce new products and applications to the market frequently. Very often the responsibility of keeping your product data and assets up to date and relevant to your partners is shifted between staff members and generally neglected. We can help. Simply send your new data to our data concierge team and we’ll take care of it quickly and accurately.

  • Add new items, skus and part numbers to existing product lines.
  • Adjust fitment rules and keep application data up to date.
  • Keep up to date with industry standards and requirements.
  • Continuously update and monitor data health, quality and potential gaps.
Data Normalization

You can depend on our experience

Using tried and true agile project management techniques we can source and model your product data to create value.  We’ve been doing this for a while and have seen it all.  Whether it’s cutting through the alphabet soup of cutting-edge or trendy technologies or determining the best solution to solve the problem your business is faced with, we can see it through.

  • Agile project management, sprint and release planning.
  • Interview stakeholders to arrive at rock-solid business and technical requirements.
  • Data analysis and data design.
  • Legacy system data migration