first-party data



Protect your most valuable asset

The most valuable asset to a business is the data and information gathered over many years and thousands of transactions.  Too often today, that data “leaks” to nefarious outlets set on making a profit by selling and diminishing the value of your asset and your business integrity.  As part of our MACH architecture and API-first approach, we protect your precious data from bad actors and it becomes part of the single source of truth for your business.

  • Customers

    All customer interactions and buying histories are warehoused for reporting, analysis and segmentation to power marketing and business development activities.

  • Analytics

    We track every move including geo-analytics, product views and abandoned shopping carts to automatically segment by interest and behavior.

  • Private

    Your data is not comingled with any other customer.  Best of all it will never be sold, shared or leased to anyone.  It’s yours and yours only.

  • Actionable

    By holding everything in a single source, correlations and powerful reports can be created by matching product information with customer information.