Punchout Catalogs

connect buyers


Expand your selling opportunities

Leveraging the simplicity and power of our  B2B ecommerce partner portal, extend your business to large buyers using eProcurement and punchout catalogs.  As is the case with our entire platform, all product information comes from a single source of truth insuring that everything, including pricing, availability and more are always up to date and current.  When working with educational, governmental and large organizations that purchase from many brand owners, punchout has become a requirement to do business.

Quick to market

Up and running in days, no development required.

By keeping all of your critical product information assets in one place, new buying experiences can be created quickly so you can capitalize on all opportunities.  Our punchout catalog / eProcurement integration system is built right into our B2B ecommerce partner portal affording you and your customer the option of purchasing using the portal, or through their existing eProcurement and order workflow system.

  • Dozens of Integrations

    We’ve already got all the heavy lifting covered.   Our punchout catalog eProcurement solution works with just about every system out there, out of the box.

  • Customized Pricing

    Have many pricing levels, pricing contracts or pricing rules?  No problem.  We’ve built the functionality in to start.  Assign price rules to partners and rest easy knowing they are always seeing the right price.

  • Increase Sales

    The cold hard facts are that some large organizations and institutions require punchout in order to do business.  Open up new selling opportunities with high-value customers.

  • Order History

    As an added bonus, our punchout catalog solution includes reporting such as order history and item re-order functions.  No matter which channel the customer bought on, we can connect the dots.

  • Single Source of Truth

    Whether your customers use the punchout, the B2B portal or just work with the API, they always get the same answer.  No more silos of data and managing multiple solutions between channels.

  • Order Workflow

    Punchout catalogs allow your customers to maintain their existing workflow and approval processes by working within their existing business rules.  Easy and frictionless.

Need to connect your back office for inventory, pricing and order management?  Use our Ecommerce API to connect.

Partner Spotlight - Greenwing Technology, Inc.

EBIZPLATFORM and Greenwing Technology have partnered to create a truly turnkey punchout catalog solution. Using the depth of functionality found in the EBIZPLATFORM B2B Partner Portal combined with the over 100 existing integrations provided by Greenwing, together we are able to provide a punchout experience perfectly tailored to manufacturers, suppliers and their partners.  Learn more about Greenwing and their punchout catalog platform.