B2B ecommerce & CPQ

made simple


Just add products and start selling.

If the flexibility and innovation of our MACH platform is not your thing, EBIZPLATFORM includes a fully-featured B2B ecommerce portal from the start.  No extra development needed, just onboard your products, your sales reps and your trading partners and start taking orders and building quotes, day one.   To complete the cycle you can connect your back office systems using our MACH Architecture and API or punchout catalog integrations to automate workflows, share shipment data and even update pricing and inventory.

Out of the box features

A feature list built upon over 20 years experience.

We’ve crafted many custom ecommerce portals for customers in a variety of industries all over the world.  With this experience, we have gained an understanding of which features are common between just about every implementation and project.  In addition to our fully customizable B2B ecommerce solutions built upon our API-first MACH architecture, we offer a turnkey, cloud-based B2B ecommerce portal with minimal barrier to entry.  You can be selling to your partners within minutes.

  • Perfect Orders and CPQ

    All trading partners are required to have a unique login with specific permissions so you can always customize the user experience to facilitate sales.  Place orders and build new quotes with exact parameters.

  • Customized Pricing

    Have many pricing levels, pricing contracts or pricing rules?  No problem.  We’ve built the functionality in to start.  Assign price rules to partners and rest easy knowing they are always seeing the right price.

  • Built to Scale

    Whether you have 5 partners or 5,000 onboarding is a snap.  New partners and B2B customers can be onboarded and buying in minutes with no technical knowledge required.

  • Order History

    Keep your partners and customers in the know and reduce the burden on your customer service department.  All order and item histories are available with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Punchout Catalogs

    Integrate directly with dozens of eProcurement systems out of the box and open up new selling opportunities.  Punchout catalogs are required for many buyers.

  • Payments & Shipping

    Set credit limits, payment methods, and preferred shipping options so each partner can checkout easily.  Enable credit cards, purchase orders and maintain unlimited shipping addresses.

Want to build something custom for your business, or connect your back office for inventory, pricing and order management?  Use our Ecommerce API to connect.

Benefits of our turnkey B2B ecommerce portal

An enterprise solution at a simple subscription price.

  • Cost Effective

    Rather than pay for months of development and miss selling opportunities, our turnkey approach gets you in front of your partners immediately.  Your return on investment is immediate and risk-free.

  • All in the Cloud

    No software to install, no licences to buy and no hardware to maintain. Everything lives in the Microsoft Azure cloud insuring security and reliability.

  • Available Anywhere

    Traveling sales reps, partners and customers alike have 24/7 access to view products, place orders and retrieve content. No more faxing and emailing orders around.

  • Flexbility & Stability

    We’ve already done the heavy lifting and made the investment into offering a powerful selling machine. Browse  hot-spot parts lists, configurators and more to guarantee order accuracy.

For a personalized demo and sample login,  please contact us.