We've been growing sales for manufacturers and suppliers since 1999.

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We started as an Internet Service Provider serving small businesses in the Denver Metro area. After realizing the futility of our original business model, we quickly migrated into the web development space. Subsequently, we gained a foothold in the data-driven ecommerce niche and were an early believer in the power of software as a service (SaaS).

In 2000, we unveiled the first version of the Precis E-business Platform, a hosted collection of functionalities designed to streamline business through the web. Somewhere along the journey we realized that the biggest obstacle preventing our customers success was product data – most of them simply had no idea where to find it, create it or maintain it.

Through the years, the original E-business Platform has evolved and improved, and today EBIZPLATFORM is an industry leader in providing comprehensive and cost-effective ecommerce and product data management and syndication solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our offerings are designed to help our customers transform their product data investments into profit.


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