Product Manager

Create a single source of truth for all product data and related assets.

Manage all product information and assets in a single place.

The heart and soul of EBIZPLATFORM, the Product Manager allows you to manage all product data and related assets in a single place.  Create catalogs and categories to organize your products.  Manage all product descriptions and content using a simple WYSIWYG editor.   Create attributes, product modifiers and fitment rules to insure customers find exactly what they’re looking for, in turn reducing customer service request and returns.   Manage and store all related assets such as images, videos and other documentations such as installation instructions, brochures or warranty information using simple drag-and-drop tools to a world-wide content delivery network.


Managing product data just got easier.

Control Groups

Create control groups to roll up many items and SKUs into single price points and rules in order to make easy bulk updates.

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Data Shaper

The Data Shaper allows you to identify, clean up, manage and consolidate free-form data points used to describe products so that choices are clear for consumers when selecting and comparing choices.

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Fitment Quality

EBIZPLATFORM includes tools to determine where there are too many options for a particular application within a product line – the opposite of a fitment gap.

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FItment Wizard

The Fitment Wizards gives a complete and easy view into all fitment and item data down to each attribute.

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Product Analytics

Drill down into product interactions and conversion rates. View total sales along with number of interactions, number of fitment gaps, decision rates and more.

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Product Data Log

Use the Product data log to audit product additions, updates and deletions over a selected time period.

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Product Types

EBIZPLATFORM enables you to control display of products through the portal by assigning products to a product type.

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Orphaned Products

Use the Orphaned Products report to identify products that have not been assigned to a category or catalog.

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