custom development



Break through the boundaries.

We’re big fans of quick to market, turnkey solutions.  However, we also understand that as your ebusiness grows, sometimes customization is needed.  Using our cloud-based, headless ebusiness API completely custom development solutions become a reality build upon the foundations of a predictable platform and management experience.

Websites & Portals

Capture the unique personality of your ebusiness.

We can build from the ground up or leverage the functionality of existing platforms such as WordPress in combination with our product data flow tools to create the best user experience imaginable.

  • Specialized B2C catalog sites to showcase your products
  • Powerful B2B ecommerce portals
  • Microsites
  • Mobile friendly applications and web sites designed for consumer-rich audiences
Systems Integration

It's all easier when the computers do the talking.

So you’ve got a successful ebusiness and orders are rolling in. Now what? Nice problem to have unless you’re forced to key in order data and other important transaction information. Using our API-centric platform, automations and back office connections come to life to streamline the exchange of data and make ebusiness more efficient.

  • Connect ERP systems
  • Connect inventory and pricing
  • Seamlessly import orders into back office systems
  • Instantly update shipping and fulfillment information
Custom Data Extensions

Your data everywhere, right now.

In today’s network economy, the free exchange of data drives ecommerce.  Undoubtedly, your partners and customers use your product data and content to fuel marketing campaigns, data aggregators and marketplaces – often with very specific and sometimes unusual requirements.   Through our headless ebusiness API, we can develop custom data extensions and connectors to remove spreadsheets and manual proceses and replace them with automation.

  • Distributors

    If you sell through large distribution networks you are forced to comply with their standards.  Create an automated data feed, in their format, and get your products into their network in a fraction of the time.  No more email back and forth – just products in front of buyers faster.

  • Aggregators & Marketplaces

    Many industries such as automotive are adopting an aggregation strategy.  However, where they gain traction by pooling large sets, the fall down when it comes to product data management.  Get the best of both and manage in EBIZPLATFORM and then syndicate through a custom extension.

  • Large Customers

    Big customers often have their own portals where their stakeholders make purchases and lookup important product data.   In order to sell, you must maintain “shelf space” by always providing the most current and accurate data so when they’re ready to buy, you’re ready to act.

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