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We Get Custom-Fit

After over two decades of working with automotive parts and custom-fit accessory manufacturers we picked up a thing or two and understand that not all products sell the same way. We’ve built the platform in a way that every interaction with every product is optimized for sales.  Even better, we fuel your selling opportunities with a simple to use ecommerce portal where your sales reps and dealer partners can place orders and generate quotes from anywhere and at any time.

Product Data Management

Transform your product data hassle into a valuable business asset

Typical custom-fit automotive parts and accessories manufacturers struggle in managing multiple data sources and product data contributors. The results generally include fragmented silos of product data, unreliable spreadsheets and digital assets scattered all over the place. EBIZPLATFORM enables content managers, product managers and marketing teams to easily collaborate and create a “single source of truth” of all product data to drive sales.

  • Product Information

    Easily add, edit and maintain your product content, information and assets.  Create rich product descriptions with an easy-to-use content editor.  Use drag-and-drop tools to add images and documents such as installation instructions, brochures and warranty information to a world-wide content delivery network.

  • Fitment

    Empower your customers and resellers to filter your product catalogs down to just products that fit their exact vehicle. Maintain vehicle data down to sub-models and configurations.  Maintain key vehicle data for precision marketing activities.

  • Custom Features and Attributes

    Define custom attributes that fully describe your products.  Create configurators, pickers and parts diagrams to help your customers find exact matches, reducing returns and customer confusion.

Dealer Ecommerce Portal

A feature list built upon over 20 years experience.

We’ve crafted ecommerce solutions for manufacturers of all sorts of automotive custom-fit products .  With this experience, we have gained an understanding of which features are common and the most important.  Rather then reinvent the wheel with every customer, we offer a turnkey, cloud-based order and quoting portal with no barrier to entry.  You can be selling to your partners and customers within minutes.  Gone are the days of receiving purchase orders and quote requests from every direction with no common format.

  • Perfect Orders and CPQ

    All trading partners are required to have a unique login with specific permissions so you can always customize their user experience to facilitate sales.  Place orders and build new quotes with exact parameters.

  • Customized Pricing

    Have many pricing levels or pricing rules?  No problem.  We’ve built the functionality in to start.  Assign price rules to partners and rest easy knowing they are always seeing the right pricing and availability.

  • Built to Scale

    Whether you have 5 partners or 5,000 onboarding is a snap.  New sales reps and customers can be onboarded and buying in minutes with no technical knowledge required.

  • Order History

    Keep your partners and customers in the know and reduce the burden on your customer service department.  All order and item histories are available with a few clicks of the mouse.  Reorder in a snap.

  • Downloadable Content

    Maintaining the integrity of your brand is important.  Make sure your partners always have the right content with product data subscriptions and images right there in the portal.

  • Payments & Shipping

    Set credit limits, payment methods, and preferred shipping options so each partner can checkout easily.  Enable credit cards, purchase orders and maintain unlimited shipping addresses.

Data Syndication

We get your product data to market in milliseconds...not months

A spreadsheet imported into a system that creates a new spreadsheet is still just a messy and error-prone spreadsheet.  We eliminate this problem by getting your product data to your receivers and reseller partners in friendlier and timelier formats without the middleman or delay.  The instant you add product data is the instant it hits the market.

  • Automation

    We know different partners have different ways they want to receive data. Our platform gives partners several options so they can be alerted of and receive accurate and timely data on their schedule via FTP or a secure download location.   Need just the new data, or the whole set?  No problem.

  • Reseller Data Syndication

    Using simple HTML tags, enable resellers to display your products without the hassle of importing massive data sets and constantly chasing updates. Shoppers can post orders directly into existing shopping carts. Syndicate smart configuratorsparts diagrams, documentation and images, or even entire product catalogs.


    Connect your partners and back office to our powerful and fully documented API and extend data and digital assets in real-time. New product data updates become available immediately and can be transformed for any use including custom ecommerce experiences. Make a change and the whole world has it immediately.

customer stories
57% Increase in Sales

"Whoever gets their product data to market first gets the sale!
The people of EBIZPLATFORM have been instrumental getting new data to the marketplace in a complete format as fast as possible!"

Jons van Dooren - VP Marketing and Sales - Intro Tech Automotive