How does pricing work?

Our pricing model consists of two simple measurements, 1) how many partner subscribers you have and 2) how much data you are pushing out using our data flow tools and API. Pricing works on a monthly subscription model and is designed to flex to meet demand. Contact us for a quote tailored to your exact requirements.

What is a partner subscription?

Getting your product data to market is the secret-sauce of our platform. Your partners may subscribe to the partner portal to place B2B orders or dropship to B2C customers, configure API keys to get data in real-time, build syndication pages to sell your products their web sites and/or export data to import into their systems - each counts as one (1) subscription.

Can you help me get product data into the platform?

Yes. For a one-time fee, we can unpack and import data from old legacy sources or even other platforms. In many cases we also find that there are industry standards that need to be followed in order to make working with your business easier. Where there are compliance requirements, we can help you achieve compliance and then stay there.

What happens after we get rolling?

We look for long term relationships and will support you to the Nth degree. We understand that technology is not your business and can step in when you need us to with continuous concierge services to onboard new data and add more partners for you to do business with.

Where does my data go?

We are 100% cloud based. We've partnered with Microsoft Azure to achieve best in class reliability, security and peace of mind. Working with EBIZPLATFORM is a great way to insure your data, and related business activities, are protected and recoverable in case of disaster.

If I have relationships with other data providers, can we still work together?

No problem. We see this quite a bit. If you have data in other places we can import it and make it avialable in real-time with our data flow tools and API. You can also use other data sources to drive your partner portal to book sales. We will work with other platforms and providers for the benefit of your business.

Do I own my data?

Absolutely. Our platform and related services have been built to create an asset for your business, not ours. We will not sell, license or subscribe your data to anyone. You control who uses it and how.