EBIZPLATFORM is changing the way
companies are managing product data.
And that changes everything.

There is no Great Oz behind the curtain here that requires exchanging files with strangers that may get around to looking at it next month. You control your product data, what it looks like, and utlimately how your partners and customers interact with it.

complete control

Every add, update or edit is a mouse click away and hits the market immediately. Whether your a adding new images, videos, changing pricing or introducing and entirely new product line, it's all within your control with our simple to use platform.

  • Add new products in real-time
  • Create configurators, parts lists and collections
  • Manage mulitple catalogs and many pricing levels
  • Everything is in the cloud and available world-wide

actionable intelligence

Every interaction with your data is captured. The platform can tell you where it is being looked at, how complete it is, and more importantly, where it may be falling short. Even interactions on subscriber websites are logged, measured and reported to make sure there is constant improvement to drive more sales.

  • See where your data is being used and viewed
  • Proactively find flaws and fix them
  • Dedupe and cleanse data that may be unclear and impede sales
  • Gain insight into sales activities that use your data on partner websites

import, export, rinse, repeat

Nobody likes to spend hours of their day typing new content into web forms and wizards. The platform comes well equipped with easy to use import and export tools that not only allow you to customize the format and amount of data going in or out, but also automate it. Next time someone asks you for your product data, blow them away by having it available immediately.

  • Create reusable import/export templates
  • Schedule exports to partners and third parties
  • Map data fields and import from external sources
  • Use the product data API to integrate systems

for products that need to fit

Not every product is a simple little widget. When dealing with custom-fit or application-based products, the way it all fits together is key else returns happen and your brand is tarnished. EBIZPLATFORM was built ground-up to handle custom attributes and data points that describe your products down to the last wrinkle.

  • Manage application guides and fitment rules
  • Define custom attributes that fully describe your products
  • Create configurators to find exact matches, step by step
  • Reduce returns and customer confusion

everything in real-time

Using our data flow tools and API, your data gets to market immediately - not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. Research shows that sales for new products are often driven by new applications or vehicles entering the market. Customers want to buy now, help them do it!

  • All updates get to market immediately
  • Syndicate data to partners in multiple formats
  • Provide a single source for data, images and other related assets
  • Beat your competition to market

simple to use

We understand that managing product data is not exactly at the top of everyone's favorite things to do list. Often the task gets passed around among employees, becomes neglected and in the end negatively impacts sales. Our platform is designed to make it painless, easy and quick.

  • Simple wizards and tools
  • Drag and drop images and files
  • Set bookmarks, share links, and collaborate with stakeholders
  • Quickly create subscriptions for partners to leverage your product data
  • 100% browser-based - nothing to install or maintain