EBIZPLATFORM gives you a feature rich
B2B partner portal in the cloud.
Just add product data and watch sales roll in.

When you have partners all over the world selling your products, getting the order back to fullfillment can be a nightmare. Too often partners fax, email or even call in new orders which puts a burden on your staff and creates a generally messy transaction. Our turnkey ecommerce portal connects partners, reps and perfect product data with powerful tools to place and track orders - in a single view. No more data entry mistakes, no more lost orders. It doesn't need to be so hard.

everyone can work together

The secret sauce of the partner portal is in how it brings all stakeholders together through a unified user experience using a single source of product data. Everyone is playing from the same sheet of music so every order is accurate and timely.

  • Internal sales reps can order for partners
  • Partners can order for themselves for stock or service
  • Partners can place dropship orders for consumers
  • Field sales reps can replenish reseller and dealer stock positions
  • Service techs can buy the right items for repairs

useful, smart & simple tools

Wouldn't it be nice if all stakeholders could just login to one place and find what they needed? Whether they need the current price, current stock, or just need the latest installation instructions, it's all right there in simple to use portal. No more phone calls. No more overwhelmed inboxes. Lots of happy partners.

  • Lookup pricing and availablity
  • Quick order dozens of items in a single click
  • Retrieve instructions, service articles and documentation
  • Lookup what-fits-what to insure a perfect match
  • See order history, replenishment dates, backorders and shipments

streamline dropship orders

In today's day of just-in-time manufacturered products, sometimes it just makes more sense for resellers to dropship for the sake of efficiency. To do so, they need to not only be able to take the orders using timely and accurate product data, but also get the order back to the manufacturer. Partner portal gives resellers a simple to use and consistent way to place accurate orders for their customers.

  • Power reseller sites with syndicated product data
  • Capture consumer-direct dropship orders
  • Track, report and analyze order patterns
  • Eliminate the chaos of email, phone and fax-in orders

we get custom-fit

After over two decades of working with custom-fit product manufacturers we picked up a thing or two. Not all products sell the same way - some need to use a configurator, others a parts diagram and some even require personalization and other options. We built the portal in a way that every interaction with every product is optimized to display the right product data and optimize sales.

  • Use configurators to drill down to just the items that fit
  • Find products by category or application/vehicle
  • Maintain application data down to the most minute trim options
  • Display hot-spotted diagrams to visualize product lines

its all about setting expectations

In B2B ecommerce it's all about offering a user experience consistent with the underlying business relationship. Custom price lists, pricing contracts and special catalogs are often the norm and not the exception. EBIZPLATFORM allows for just about any partner relationship to book more business, not impede it.

  • Create custom pricing contract and pricing levels
  • Allow partners to divide quantities by date needed
  • Save quotes and create multiple carts for multi-threaded relationships
  • Subscribe your partners to the API so they can get status and shipping info in real-time

let the computers do the work

Let's face it, when too many people are in the order process manually pushing information around the likelihood of error increases. Spreadsheets getting emailed around, everyone having their own process for placing orders...it goes on and on. Included in every EBIZPLATFORM subscription is our powerful REST API which allows systems to communicate and streamline the process.

  • Update stock positions and pricing with simple API calls
  • Integrate back office and ERP systems to manage order workflow
  • Automate shipping and backorder alerts
  • Enable partners to post new orders using code instead of phone calls